Friday, 14 June 2013

REF. Sweden produces a winner!

Big hello to the beautiful Swedish members of my BodyPump class!
Sweden has excelled in many areas: beautiful tennis players, The Knife, Ikea....but I've just discovered the best thing from Sweden - REF haircare.
I have naturally curly, frizzy dark hair that sees humidity and throws a party so I've been through a shipload of different high-end brands and products to tame it but nothing has worked so quickly (and smelt SO ADDICTIVELY GOOD!) as REF.
I leave the Treatment Mask 550 in for 15 minutes, but for intense repair to damaged hair, it can be left in overnight. I also straighten my hair a few times a week and the Heat Protection Spray 230 is my investment against breakage and that straw-texture effect.
So here's my Winter Haircare Tips and the products you must seek out.

  • Use warm water but not HOT when washing hair.
  • Use a wide tooth comb when hair is wet to avoid pulling and breaking.
  • Use a quality-mask once a week (REF Repair Treatment Mask 550, trust me!)
  • Always use a thermal heat protectant spray before straightening or curling (REF Heat Protection Spray 230)
  • Leave-in conditioner is your investment against frizz and indoor heating (REF Leave-In Treatment 532)
  • Eat quality protein and limit your caffeine

Stockists or call (03)9510 6051

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