Saturday, 31 August 2013

Blue eye makeup - how not to look like an 80s pop star

As you all know, I am not immune to wearing all colours. All. But blue eye makeup has always sent a shiver down my spine. If you don't end up looking like Cyndi Lauper circa 1987, you can look like you just stepped out of a deep freezer and it's going to take years to thaw out. HOWEVER. I like a challenge. I got out my tools and I think I've worked out how to do this right. First of all, if you have dark circles, blue is not going to do you any favours. I use eye firming cream before applying concealer or BB cream to give the smoothest base to work from. Blue is super flattering on pale, olive and dark skin. It's a matter of finding the right shade. Do NOT convince yourself you are in a Robert Palmer video and add red lips to boot. Make your eyes the feature of your look and go for a light lip tint or balm. I couldn't go past Clinique Chubby Stick (because it's chubby! How cute!) in Massive Midnight (sounds like some sort of goth party...) but I am equally enamoured of Dior Crayon Liner in Blue (waterproof...important.)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Power Abs in Under 10 Minutes

Denise Austin doesn't appeal to all - warning! She's perky. There's a lot of smiling going on. But this Power Abs session clocks in at UNDER 10 minutes and it really, REALLY works. Double dare you.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Reader Inspired to Fitness!

Dean and I met when he was an employment advisor to me. He became a regular reader of my blog and when we recently met up again, I couldn't help but notice how much fitter, healthier and happier he looked.
Dean has shed 15kg but most importantly, he has educated himself on the healthiest ways to cook and prepare food, exercise in a way that doesn't feel like a chore, and have the energy for work, life and setting up his new home. I want to thank him for providing his tips and this photo.
Main reasons for success -
  •  Eating healthy breakfast every day - For me cereal and yoghurt with fruit
  •  Ensuring I bring lunch to work every day
  •  Eating smaller portions - less meat & carbs, more fruit and vegies.
Exercising -
  •  Playing basketball twice a week
  •  Joined a gym - mostly focused on bike and cross trainer (lower impact - less chance of injuries) and weights - low weights and high intensity, ensuring heart rate is up while doing weights.
  •  Once I had increased fitness base and lost weight, I have started running, building up to a 10 K fun-run this coming Sunday. Started running about 6 weeks ago with a 4 km run, and am increasing the distance with one run over the weekend, while doing a shorter high intensity run (3-5km) once during the week.
 The effects have been noticeable. Physically I have lost weight, dropped clothing sizes (needed to buy lots of new clothes!), and am feeling much fitter. Energy levels and overall motivation have also increased.


Not a Crime to Look Fine

Confession! I wear concealer and a bit of eyeshadow to the gym. I also wear it to the supermarket. Because there are a lot of amazing colours in the world and it's fun to play with them. I'm not deeply insecure. I'm not trying to pick up. It makes me feel good to take care of how I look - so it was a surprise to look at a survey in a women's fitness magazine that had many respondents saying they would judge other women who wear makeup to the gym negatively. Why? Shouldn't you be focusing on your starjumps? What do you care if I'm baring a pimple or bothering to conceal it?

Then, when teaching a class yesterday, I noticed that one girl had a massive hole in the front of her tights and a tea-stained T-shirt. Now, nobody else cares, but I think part of the fun of exercise and living is embracing fashion and the practical accessories that go along with living a fit lifestyle. Investing in Manolos is one thing, but investing in sneakers that will 
a) protect your feet and joints
b) get you through any and all environments at speed and injury-free
is TRULY a wise expenditure! What else is?
Having had acne as a teenager, I am super-fussy about my skincare. I swear by philosophy 3-in-1 Purity cleanser (David Jones) and Garnier or Kiehl's BB creams. Also love Laura Mercier concealer or Revlon's Photoready concealer (no breakouts - love that!)
I can build a workout wardrobe around Kmart or Target $8 black leggings (cropped OR long - every Melbourne day is covered!) but sometimes it's fun to lash out and reward my hard work with more expensive, but long-lasting and tech-savvy designer sportswear (look for Nike, lululemon, Running Bare sales and outlets)
Here are my latest (INVESTMENT) purchases and sure, you can find cheaper options, but these will do the job AND last long-distance because the quality is undeniable.

 Nike Lunarflash Trainers - pink is not a necessity but I just couldn't help myself. Eastbay

Oscar Mimosa Purple/Black capris - because matching your workout gear to your lipstick is a true skill. Manicure/pedicure in the same shade is even more savvy. I've seen it at Kew last week and I'm still delighting at the level of chic! My Escape NZ

As a philosophy obsessive, I am excited that the whole range of shower/skincare/scents will be available at David Jones. My favourites are the Purity cleanser, Cinnamon Buns shower gel and their limited edition Christmas products (sparkling cranberry!) 


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mastering the No Makeup look

Bare Makeup Look
Just like mastering the messy topknot (did you try it?), mastering the flawless "barely there" makeup look is going to prepare you for all occasions. Especially in the gym. Yes, women DO wear makeup in the gym. I'm not talking about red lips and lashings of eyeliner...that's just asking to end up looking like Lindsay Lohan after a night out. I'm talking about concealer, tinted moisturiser, a touch of blush or highlighter and a tinted lip balm. The basics! Choosing the right products is essential - not only so that you look good at the time, but so that you don't end up blocking the pores and ending up with blackheads and pimples. What to look out for? Mineral and cream-based products. BB creams are ideal as they moisturise, nourish and provide coverage. Vani-T and Laura Mercier make excellent concealers and lip colours. You know I love Illamasqua, but you may want to stick to their wild nail colours if you're going for the less-is-more look!


Laura Mercier Secret Concealer comes in six shades. It has a moisturising agent so it won't dry and make the skin look flaky. Perfect for around the eye area - look energised and awake even when you're not feeling it!

Vani-T Mineral Colour Stick in Gelati is a sorbet-sweet highlighting colour that applies easily and again, moisturises and doesn't block your skin. I have used Vani-T spray tan and swear by it. Just between you and me? This is even better. Long-lasting and brightens up your whole face. Comes in six shades, including berry through to terracotta.
Kiehl's BB Cream comes in three shades and is clinically proven to correct skin tone unevenness.

Finally, Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara won't leave black snail trails and doesn't clump - it's the holy grail of waterproof mascaras!

Monday, 12 August 2013

SO good.

What more to say? Sydney rocks this. Just 15 minutes.

The Trickle-Down Effect: Catwalk meets Gym!

Sportswear, just like every other fashion category, is shaped by the big designers. It doesn't happen straight away, but trust me, there are Nike, adidas, lululemon and Running Bare designers scribbling "draping, greys, cobalt..." and studiously eyeing the runways. So here's what I'm hoping to see in the not-too-distant future!
Tom Ford's (Autumn/Winter 2013) Nicki Minaj meets Andy Warhol bright pops of neon on geometric prints. Swirling checkerboards and comic book starbursts.
Alexander Wang's clever use of mesh over neon-brights is a super-luxe way to do sporty without looking like an 80s aerobics instructor. The look is even more sleek in black and white.
That last photo is Alexis Mabille Haute Couture - I love the ombre-effect pants. This is sure to appear faster than you can google "ombre" - oop! It's already happening...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

BalletSculpt Testimonial

Like a child with a new shiny toy (no, it's not more eye glitter, I promise), I want to share some feedback I've received on Ballet Sculpt!

 “After suffering discomfort and pain from whiplash following a car accident, I began slowly getting back into exercise. Recovery is a slow process. I stumbled over the offering of a Ballet Sculpt class. What great relief! After doing the class it was the first time in six months I had not felt pain of some sort in my neck, shoulders and back. With each class I feel stronger and still no pain. What a fantastic way to stretch and strengthen”. -Bernadette Lucas

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Messy Topknot Hair Tutorial

In a rush in the morning and need to master a do that can work for your sweat session AND look presentable throughout the day/evening? 
As you all know, I go for the topknot every time! Here's a brilliant step-by-step tutorial from blog, Ma Nouvelle Mode.
Messy Topknot 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

From Gym to Date in 2 Seconds!

MAC Simply Wow So Supreme Lip Tint
Introducing your new obsession, MAC So Supreme lip tint. Limited Edition "Simply Wow" is my pick - a cool mauvey-plummy shade. SUPER sheer so you're not all gooey and overdone! The tint is PERFECT for moisture and a lick of colour both at the gym and after it.

Check out images and videos for MAC
You can buy in Myer or on the MAC website!

Strength & Beauty

At the end of August I am no longer teaching BodyPump. I admit, I haven't got the passion for it that I once did and I believe there are better ways of training.
I will be teaching more BalletSculpt - and my workouts incorporate a mix of heavier weights and less reps plus cardio intervals, small weights and high reps. Variety is key! That's what I feel is missing in BodyPump and what I have the power to bring to classes that I choreograph myself. Tailored workouts.
Don't ever think you've found the formula though - just as our bodies change, so does our mindset and knowledge. That's the thrill of fitness - there's always more to experience and learn.
Strength and Beauty

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Women's Trainers for Wide Feet

I cannot emphasise enough - don't try to squeeze into your sneakers or have an inch spare either way. It's going to lead to pain, injury and on a lesser scale, blisters and callouses.

By request, here is a list of trainers tried and tested for wide feet. If you have no idea if you pronate (turn inwards), supinate (roll outwards), have wide or narrow feet, I recommend getting measured and fitted properly by a reputable footwear store.
The following models are perfect for daily running, providing shock absorption and good fit for wide feet:

Asics Gel Cumulus 15

Nike Vomero 6, 8+ 

New Balance 870 V3

Want More Options? Go to and type in the search: Womens Running Wide

Friday, 2 August 2013

Microdermabrasion + Laser Treatment

There's a growing market for skin and body treatments that don't involve needles, anaesthetic or hours and days of recovery time. There's got to be a respect for the fact that time cannot be stopped, but there's definitely no shame in wanting to look and feel as brilliant as you can (without submitting to Botox or other injectables!)
Microdermabrasion at Australian Skin Clinics
The celebrities with radiant skin, along with models and fashion editors are always on the prowl for the best treatments and practices. For months now, I have been reading about microdermabrasion, facial massage, peels and retinoic acid formulas.
I regularly use a prescription retinoic acid cream (Retin-A) to improve skin tone, prevent blemishes and removal of dead skin cells overnight (ciao, blackheads).

I am super-careful about who I entrust my skin to so I chose to go for microdermabrasion at Australian Skin Clinics. They have operated numerous centres in Queensland but it is their first Melbourne store that I attended. Worth EVERY second and cent. I was ushered straight into my appointment and the 9-stage

process was thoroughly explained during a skin assessment. "Before" photos were taken and then all I had to do was lie down and let the professional do all the work.
Cleansing, a light glycolic peel and the actual microdermabrasion were painless and the whole treatment took under an hour!
What's it feel like?
The diamond-head microdermabrasion feels like a mini-vacuum buzzing over the skin. I didn't find it uncomfortable at all. Following a light peel and final application of SPF, I was good to go.
I expected to look in the mirror at a bright red face, but actually, it looked like I was wearing foundation! My skin was clear with just a slight flush, as if I'd been walking at a brisk pace. In fact, the morning after it looked even better.

The important post-treatment musts are to avoid harsh exfoliants and to use a SPF 30+ - the facial skin will be much more sensitive in the week following treatment.

I was so impressed with the results, I booked in to get laser treatment on some pesky capillaries on the bridge of my nose - nothing hugely noticeable, but with naturally pale skin, the redness is apparent when I'm not wearing any concealer. I figured, with the promise of a few quick zaps in the time it takes to order and eat lunch, I could fix an issue that bothers me at least once daily!

philosophy miracle anti-aging pads
For the next week and a half, I'm easing up on the exercise to avoid irritating the skin while it's recovering post-laser treatment. I'm also making sure to use BB cream for light coverage with SPF 50+
I'll take a little break from Retin-A and use a lighter glycolic peeling product like philosophy miracle worker anti-aging pads.

To read more and make any enquiries, go to Australian Skin Clinics or call 03 8672 5600

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Passionately Purple

Not so secret - I love purple. All shades. Lilac, mauve, deep velvety aubergine...plum, grape, neon magenta...
Here's my pick of the best buys in purple - go from work to workout to evening out by throwing everything you need in the handy Starlight gym bag!
Purple Sports and Cosmetics

Clockwise from Top Left Corner

  1. Zaggora 7/8 Hotpants
  2. Swatch watch
  3. Adidas graphic print tank
  4. Bloch Starlight bag
  5. Spalding yoga mat
  6. Rimmel Long lasting nailpolish
  7. CK One eyeshadow quad
  8. Illamasqua lipstick "ESP"
  9. LA Splash purple mascara
  10. Running Bare crop top
  11. Nike Zoom Vomero trainers

Denise Payne: Fearlessness And Mercy

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