Friday, 25 January 2013

Gym Bag Additions AND Isometric Goodness

Summer in Melbourne is turning out to be vicious on hair and skin so I've invested in jojoba products to be gentler on the skin. The bonus is, I can use them on my naturally curly hair to nourish and tame it!
Jojoba and Lady Jayne products

I've also discovered Lady Jayne bun-shaper! Not a fitness tool, sadly, but you wrap your hair around it, secure and BAM, ballerina bun that stays in place before, during and well after your workout.
Pictured, products from Lady Jayne and The Jojoba Company. (Supporting Australian products, especially on Australia Day weekend!)

Isometric Workout
If your workout is feeling stale and you need some inspiration, here are the Most Clicked On Workouts of 2012 from Women's Health magazine - download, watch, print...then DO it! My favourite? The Isometric Workouts - who knew standing still could be so effective?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer Lovin'

You know my predilection for all things bright and colourful. Especially makeup and sportswear! So here is some of my favourite finds recently - even if you just add ONE colourful element to your all-black outfit... it might be the boost you need to run that extra 1km, do another squat, smile at a really frustrating co-worker!
Here goes.
Local activewear brand, L'urv makes bright, chic and durable pieces that you can co-ordinate or mix and match! Available at StyleRunner.
Illamasqua Rubber Nails
My favourite cult makeup brand, Illamasqua has just released Rubber Nails: super bright, and so beautifully packaged you'll want to keep them on display! My pick? Apple green! Available at Myer
Nike Free Run + 3
Nike Free Run +3 have a slightly thicker sole than the other models and the colours are to die for! There are also some multi-coloured Asics just begging to blind your fellow gym bunnies :) Hit up Eastbay!
Running Bare Rebecca Breeds
I've discovered that you can buy Running Bare at FANTASTIC prices at - have gotten so many compliments on my electric orange crop! I can vouch for RB products going through the washer and gruelling workouts for years and maintaining shape and colour. Remember, cost-per-wear? It's like they're FREE! Hit up Surfstitch.
Bondi Sands
If you are ghostly pale without spray tan, let me assure you local brand Bondi Sands is super easy to use, streak free, and best of all, it smells like COCONUT instead of that usual nasty chemical scent! I recently bought up the last of it at my local Priceline because it's on sale. You can find it at Priceline or online at Bondi Sands.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Febfast: alternative tonics!

Febfast 2013
febfast is an invitation to break from alcohol for the 28 days of February. This is an opportunity to see the benefits of no alcohol on your body and mood AND a vital community fundraiser: money raised funds programs for vulnerable families and young people tackling serious alcohol and drug issues. Register!

What will I drink instead?

Skim milk has been proven in valid studies to promote muscle growth and repair. Muscle burns fat, supports strong bones and lifts up droopy bits. Plus, skim milk in a blender with some natural yoghurt and fruit makes a delicious smoothie!

Juice: Mix up various vegetables and add additional flavour with a small portion of fruit for sweetness. High in antioxidants and vitamins, juice is ideal alone or with a meal. Green vegetable juice with apple is a great morning tonic and beetroot makes for a supercharged post-workout recovery option. Throw in a chunk of ginger to give your drink extra nutrition points and zing!

Water: it's free. It's good for you. 

Friday, 18 January 2013

12 Weeks: Plan Track Record

Confession: I am a list-maker. There are reams of little notes all over my handbags, fridge and inside pockets! It's not that I have a shocking memory, I just keep imagining things or learning things and jotting them down for future reference.

When it comes to my workouts, I make a plan. I scribble down at least 3 strength/resistance moves I'm going to do. When I get to the gym, I don't just stand there ambling around for 3 minutes feeling the burden of choice - I go straight for what I planned to do.

I have found the PERFECT journal for doing this: The Fit Book. It's stylish, small enough to fit in a handbag/gymbag; has inspirational quotes; space for your daily nutrition plans; a weekly review section (the good, the bad, and the goals for next week).
  • plan for success
  • track your progress
  • reach your goals
whether you're an athlete, a wee little one, or a mum with one on the way, there's a fitbook
designed just for you. At Fitlosophy, there's also a range of fitness products to support your goals - FREE shipping over $50: GET STARTED and don't forget to SHARE YOUR PROGRESS on the Core Integrity With Cat Facebook Page.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pistol Squat Challenge

Do you have those moments in the gym/park where you watch someone DO something and just think, "Cool. Must be great to be that naturally fit. Back to the same old thing I always do..." Don't. If you're not brave enough to ask that person what they're doing, how and why - go find a personal trainer and describe the move. Ask how you could do a beginner version. You have to start somewhere! I recently flicked through the Men's Health Big Book of Exercises (maybe more than once) and picked out 6 moves I haven't done before. Then I sketched them on a piece of notepaper and trekked off to the gym. Here's ONE of the moves I tried.
Pistol Squat
Pistol Squat: I got through 5 on each leg, switched to an upper body exercise and then did another 5 on each leg. Challenge yourself to get a tiny bit lower every THIRD day. Strengthens and sculpts your quads and core (balancing on one leg = involuntary abs workout!)
Try it with a bench behind you if it makes you feel more secure.

Men's Health

Denise Payne: Fearlessness And Mercy

In the 1970s, as a teenager, Denise Payne was introduced to Kundalini Yoga by her teacher Sat Jiwan Singh. It became more than “a life...