Thursday, 30 April 2015

Protein for Body, Mind and Muscle

Protein is essential for building, maintaining and restoring your muscle, especially if you're active.
There's a lot out there about what types, how much and the timing around it. So I'm going to make it simple and you can take it or leave it, but do read it.

Eat protein in the morning to recharge with nutrients. Protein also satiates the appetite so you are less likely to find yourself craving jelly beans at 10am. This can be as simple as milk (protein fortified is good), a handful of nuts, miso soup or soy-based cereal. Rolled oats (WHOLEGRAIN) or eggs (boiled or poached!) are also a fabulous source of protein.

Consuming protein before a work out kickstarts muscle synthesis (repairing and building muscle) throughout and even after hitting the weights.

Drink chocolate milk after a workout. Eat within half an hour of your workout. A milk-based smoothie is an excellent choice. Throw in some berries and you've got an antioxidant fix too!

Eat a fish, lean meat, soya/tofu based lunch. Go heavy on the protein in the middle of the day to ensure you have the energy to restore from your morning and have ongoing energy through the afternoon until evening. Don't ruin your meal by choosing high-fat, overly processed foods and please don't think a protein bar is a healthy choice. Yuck. Choose lean meat with a high protein content, like chicken, beef, lamb or kangaroo. Trimmed of fat, these are power foods.
Combined with fresh vegetables and a healthy choice of fat, you have a well-rounded and nutrient rich fuel for living. Healthy fats might include avocado, walnuts, coconut oil or inherently omega-3 rich foods like salmon and trout.

Snack on protein before dinner. A 250g tub of yoghurt, a smoothie, a handful of walnuts... your body will use the protein to repair and rebuild overnight.

Eat a protein-rich dinner. All the lunchtime protein options are great. You might also include a chickpea or kidney bean salad, quinoia or boiled egg.

Great picks: Salmon, Skinless Chicken Thigh, Wholegrain Rolled Oats, Kangaroo fillet, Quinoa, Eggs, Steak, Chickpeas, Homemade Protein Balls or slices.

Try this recipe from The Naked Kitchen: Chocolate Almond Protein Bars

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sorbet Fresh!

Melbourne weather is so disappointing at the moment. So, I'm getting my sorbet sweet shades together to boost my spirits!
I highly recommend you dress in pinks and blackberries, sweep your berry fresh lippy on generously, nail it with an "Adrenaline Rush" colour and spritz on a super fresh scent. Go forth sweet ones!
Click on images below for more details and to whip out your credit card ;)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

All Black Yoga Wear Edit

You know I freakin' obsess over Onzie! So for my upcoming trip to Barcelona and Paris, I want to look Euro Chic in all black everything. I also want to be ready for yoga and barre at the flip of a Euro coin! I don't want to look like a sweaty mess on the Saint Germain though. Black. Mesh. Print. Dots. This is the All Black Edit.

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  • Black mesh, black magic print and the tri coloured black, silver and futura print leggings are all in my suitcase. I plan on doing yoga, barre and whatever other fun fitness classes Parisian and Spanish girls are loving. That's between trekking the beautiful streets of Saint Germain, Barcelona and stretching my pins while watching the countryside from the train from Barcelona to Paris mid-May. A girl has to invest in her fitness gear. You know it. I've even been super prepared by buying black sneakers to match  my outfit. It was necessary! The second pair? Well, that was just fun. Stay tuned for photos. 

    Sunday, 26 April 2015

    Five Foot Fierce Females in Flares

    So I love, love, love a flared pant. One that comfortably vacuum sucks to the thighs and then flares out below the knee to the ankle bone.
    So flattering.
    I'm talking somewhere between a bootleg and a jacked-up true seventies flare. Not that nasty big circus tent flare you might be fearing!

    Also? I'm 5"1. Yep. I'm short.

    Now, let me tell you what I hate. Anyone telling me I can't wear something, or do something, or be something, go somewhere or achieve something just because you can't, or didn't or won't.

    So, two things now. First of all, I can do, wear, say, be, think and achieve what I want to and if I don't, it certainly won't be for lack of trying!

    Secondly, I can rock flared pants like you wouldn't believe. And here's a whole lot of proof that short girls are freakin' hot, fierce and rocking fashion however, wherever and whenever they like. Rachel Bilson is 5"2 and the Olsen twins rock flared pants like goddesses and they are 5"0 and 5"1 respectively. Make it your mantra! Don't Tell Cat What She Can and Can't Do. Or Wear.

    Saturday, 25 April 2015

    Fat that Burns Fat?

    Don't get too excited. I'm not going to reveal some magic greasy burger you can eat and turn into Kate Moss.

    This is genuine science and it's a fascinating discovery that has potential implications for the management of disease and diabetes as well as weight management for healthy, fit people.

    The body stores 3 types of fat: white, beige and brown.

    White fat is the one you normally think of - the most common type of fat that is typically stored around the stomach, thighs and hips.

    On the other hand, the more rare brown fat has heat-producing properties that burn major calories just by existing. Science - as discussed in a recent New Scientist magazine article - has proven that brown fat is activated through cold temperatures. Nothing too extreme - even wearing a tank top in 14 degrees will do it. Brown fat cells play an essential role in wild animals, allowing them to survive in cold and harsh environments by ensuring blood circulates and body heat is maintained.

    Beige cells develop in the common white fat when brown cells are activated and THIS is where and when the fat-burning and metabolism boost happens. Beige fat cells = leanness in humans and the reduction of metabolic disease and obesity in mice. Current studies are looking into genetic and drug therapy that can produce and encourage growth and activation of beige fat cells.

    While humans typically store only a very small quantity of brown cells, they are to be found in the deep back muscles around the spine and neck. Interestingly, overweight and obese people have been found to have a lower concentration of brown fat cells. In trials of drug therapy that looked at increasing the activity of brown cells, dangerous side effects were noticed at high doses so at present, there is no effective means of increasing their quantity or activity safely.

    Beige cells on the other hand develop through being exposed to the cold, as I mentioned. Once they have been activated in the cold atmosphere, they are retained even when you warm up again. So it would seem that intermittent exposure to cold environments can maintain a metabolic boosting quantity of beige fat cells, which limit and reduce weight gain.

    This is all still in the early stages of study. What HAS been proven is that there are systemic factors that influence brown and beige fat and look promising for weight loss therapy.
    Irisin is a hormone found in muscle - built through exercise - which has obesity-prevention qualities and enhances energy production in cells. The takeaway message? EXERCISE. Both endurance and high-intensity bursts are recommended.

    Calcium - either three or four daily servings of low-fat dairy or a supplement - can increase your body's fat burning ability. Calcium is stored in fat cells and regulates how it is stored and broken down by the body. The greater the level of calcium, the more fat it will burn according to studies.

    Being TOO lean and having TOO LITTLE body fat will have the reverse effect. The body requires fat to retain calcium, vitamin D and other essential hormones and vitamins which are dependent on fat to remain and stay active.

    A study from the Nutrition Institute of University of Tennessee showed mice given calcium supplements had good weight loss results, when supplements were combined with a restricted-calorie diet. Mice getting their calcium via supplements had a 42% decrease in body fat, whereas mice eating without supplements had an 8% body fat loss.

    However, calcium from dairy products produced the best results. Mice on the "medium-dairy" diet had a 60% decrease in body fat, while those on the "high-dairy" diet lost 69% body fat.

    The takeaway message? GET YOUR CALCIUM. I am not a major dairy fan and I know many people prefer alternatives. If this is the case, I recommend Nature's Way Calcium & K2 + Vitamin D.

    Research shows that Vitamin K2 binds calcium to the bone mineral, ensuring that it is absorbed where it is NEEDED rather than depositing in the arteries. I recommend this supplement because it's the first to make K2 available and it's widely available (supermarkets, pharmacies and online at

    And eat well. There's no great mystery to it. If you are in need of some ideas, go recipe book hunting. My latest find is "the SuperFoods Kitchen" which has breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options compiled from home cooks all over Australia. So inspiring! A crowd sourced cookbook!

    Thursday, 23 April 2015

    Swan Lake - Classic. Russian. In Melbourne.

    The Japanese do sushi. The Americans do peanut butter and jelly.

    The Russians do ballet. This is how it is.

    As a lover of Swan Lake since I was old enough to pull on a tutu, I am hugely excited about going to see the St Petersburg Ballet presenting the traditional and classic Swan Lake. I'm taking my darling friend Alex who hasn't seen this performed live, so we'll both be breathless!
    The video below is the incredible Irina Kolesnikova and Dmitry Akulinin from St Petersburg Ballet in Swan Lake.

    It has had fantastic reviews all over Europe and will be performed in Melbourne in the new space, Plenary, at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in mid June from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd. Various times including afternoons and evenings.

    Tickets through Ticketek online or 136 100.

    Follow St Petersburg Ballet on Facebook for updates, photos and video.

    Tuesday, 21 April 2015

    fit girl hairspiration!

    My go-to is the top knot and I will stick by it! I also love a high ponytail and waves. Now that everyone in your cafe and local organic produce store is in their yoga leggings and compression tank top, you really need to master hair that goes from crossfit to cafe.
    I just upgraded from the ghd styler to the Cloud Nine Touch and it is the best straightening/wave making tool I've used. I've used a lot. It was the tool of choice at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) and it had been recommended to me by friends and hairdressers.

    Love it. Totally recommend it. What you REALLY need to know is it's automatic.

    It switches off automatically after 30 seconds of no use! Great for absent minded girls!

    It straightens, waves and does fringe smoothing in seconds.

    It is temperature controlled with 2 settings.

    Available at Cloud Nine Australia. Follow their YouTube for how-to videos.

    Monday, 20 April 2015

    Get Your Glow On as if you do #YogaEveryDamnDay

    My gorgeous friend and yoga instructor, Kristian, commented on my glow in class last week. "I've gotta get some of that retinol!" he cried. My skincare must-have. Pure, hardcore vitamin A, baby. It works. Totally recommend it.

    If you are looking for a short, sharp fix to get your glow on and not willing to wait a few months for the retinol to show results, you MUST lay your pretty fingers upon a fantastic illuminator and blush. You will be contouring, glowing and looking like you do #yogaeveryday.

    I swear by benefit high beam - a makeup artist's secret weapon in getting cheekbones to glisten. You also want to tap this pearlised pink just under the arch of the eyebrow to "open" and brighten the eyes. Available at Myer

    Since you're there, pick up the lolli-tint, which will leave your lips stained with a jelly bean sweet pink that outlasts your pre-yoga coffee and post-yoga green juice.
    And just to emphasise your sun salutation worthy inner goddess glow? Dallas, an illuminating, rosy powder you will use now and forever.

    Check out wellness and beauty brand Sorme for a kickass, lesser known illuminator that is just as covetable. Do the Sorme Shimmer Wand (my shade is 'Rosy') ...
    and while you're on the Dynamic Skin Solutions site, get yourself the Lychee Delicious Massage Oil. The fragrance is subtle but it lasts and lasts. The Fruitilicious range is from Thailand, the land of yoga resorts and retreats, natural abundance and sunshine. You'll be breathing it in all day.
    If you need some glow-spiration, check out the backstage makeup and nails from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this month. This is OPI Chiffon My Mind - used at Toni Maticevski's catwalk show - a gorgeous nude that won't overpower your glowy, gorgeous look.

    Sunday, 19 April 2015

    Follow Me

    If you enjoy my posts and you love activewear, workout ideas and all things fitness, fashion and beauty, get tapping away to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Share your motivation and ideas with me!

    Friday, 17 April 2015

    Beauty Goes Pop! Yazbukey Collaboration

    How do you top a makeup collaboration with the most fashionable cat on the planet, Choupette Lagerfeld?
    You team up with pop art, French fashionista Yazbukey to stamp her signature pop art lips all over your fabulous makeup and skin products. If you're Shu Uemura.

    I love my makeup. I love my pop art and I love my limited edition so this is ticking every box for me. I got my hands on the fabulous Yazbukey for shu uemura lipstick in Yaz Red. Are you jealous? You can get your own as of May 2015.
    Follow shu uemura on Facebook and shop it at David Jones

    Wednesday, 15 April 2015

    nu'trir natural skincare

    nu'trir (v:/to feed/to nourish)

    If you judge a book by it's cover, which I quite often do, then you will look at the nu'trir range that has JUST hit the shelves and go, YES. Slather me up in THAT!
    Which is just what I did.
    Find it on Instagram and tag #nourishedbynature
    Dark burgundy boxing and clean, fresh typography and labelling.
    It makes sense really, because the range itself is all about:

      nutrir face masque
    • natural ingredients
    • no nasties, no parabens, no sulphates, no silicons, no petrochemicals
    • no artificial fragrances or colours
    • ingredients that are proven to work
    • simply nourishing the skin and body
    My favourite picks are the 
    1. detoxifying enzymatic radiance masque that uses cranberry, manuka honey and papaya to dissolve the dull, dead skin and allow new cells to flourish while you guzzle your green juice.
    2. collagen boosting peptide serum that harnesses grapeseed, olive and rosemary oils to stimulate new cell production and leave you radiant and fresh
    3. nourishing cleansing oil with rosehip oil, sacha inchi oil and camu camu. This is fabulous if you find your skin gets red and tight after cleansing. It's super gentle AND really does remove the nasty dust and dirt from urban living.
    Available at Chemist WarehouseMy ChemistPriceline and other leading pharmacies.

    Tuesday, 14 April 2015

    Fifth Element Yoga Wear - From Melbourne With Love

    My new obsession! Melbourne made, designed for yoga by a yoga lover. Fifth Element is the design brand of the gorgeous Alissa, who has taken the time to answer my questions about her yoga wear and her yoga practice. Get into these leggings - they are amazing. My personal faves? The purple Lalitha full leggings!

    Alissa from Fifth Element
    Why did you name your brand Fifth Element?

    The idea for the name is based around the theory of five elements. It is said that we are an embodiment of 4 major elements of nature - fire, water, air and earth. And we are striving to balance these elements when practicing asanas. The fifth element is known to be space. Which I understand as being everything that we get in contact with physically and/or intangibly. 
    Fifth Element is a collection of items that aims to fill space of a yogi with colour, comfort and harmony! Each item is designed individually and hand-crafted in Melbourne with love and care, and charged with positive energy. 

    What is your favourite yoga style and how long have you been practicing yoga?

    I've been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and started with Ashtanga which taught me a great deal on discipline and helped me to build basis for further exploration. I still do Vinyasa Flows when I feel that I need to build up strength. But I much prefer yoga classes that are not routine-based, but more of a free flow sequences with focus on various types of poses each class. I'm trying different styles of yoga and enjoy learning new things. I mostly practice Hatha & Iyengar on day-to-day basis. But also amongst my favourites are - Anusara, Arial Yoga (yoga in suspended hammocks), Acro Yoga. I'm hoping to soon try the new Ballet Sculpt classes I've heard so much about!!! Excited!

    What makes a pattern or colour a definite must for your collection?

    I've always been fond of colours, textures and patterns. I collect and draw patterns all the time! For this range of Fifth Element leggings I focused on patterns that are complex and encourage observation, and yet flattering to body curves. I've tried to make this collection versatile with some patterns that are more graphic, some more folk, some more delicate, some on classic black background or tonal, some bright and patchy. In other words - there is a legging for any yogi! I've also got a lot of help on choosing patterns and feedback on testing the prototypes from my yogi friends. So it is true to say that Fifth Element leggings is designed, tried and tested by real yogis :)

    How often do you add or vary your range?

    I've only had one range so far, as Fifth Element is literally only 2-month old. I'm going to add new things/garments as I get inspiration. I don't want to tie myself with strict deadlines and range plans, as Fifth Element endeavours to bring joy and positive energy and thus designing has to be approached with creativity and passion.
    At the moment I'm prototyping simple crop tops/bras and tanks to complement leggings and complete outfits. I'm also planning to work on trans-seasonal cover-ups and autumn/winter type of yoga pants. 
    Like us on Facebook to stay in to date with the releases of new products! 

    Where do you do yoga in Melbourne?

    Oh heaps and heaps of great studios Melbourne has to offer! Some of them are - The Yoga Social, Breathe, Bridge Yoga, Yoga Corner, Union Yoga, The Yoga Lab, Body Flow Yoga, Vibes Yoga in Fitzroy - these are just a few of my favourites to mention!

    Favourite post-yoga caf├ęs or juice bars?

    This is a hard question...Frankly, I tend to forget names of the places. The only one that comes to mind is a small Cafe Bambino in Docklands. This is not what you'd call healthy yoga food...but it is run by passionate Italian guy and offers the freshest and tastiest food I've even tried! Not to mention plenty of Italian speech on the background to make you feel like you are magically transferred to sunny coasts of Italy! 

    Where is Fifth Element available?

    Fifth Element leggings are sold at The Yoga Social studio on King street. And the full range (which also include canvas totes and meditation pillows) can be viewed and purchased from 

    Bear in mind that we can also create custom-made leggings to suit your body perfectly - special size, body length, curve, crotch-rise, or any other speciality - enquire via Facebook or 

    Yoga for Beautiful Skin, Great Digestion and Controlling Anxiety

    Yoga alone won't give you glowing, unblemished skin but it definitely helps. A smooth, strong digestive system that is essential to your immune system and hormones working harmoniously is going to improve your overall energy, mood, health AND your skin, hair and nails.
    Lastly, a healthy body and a body that is working to process nutrients, fight inflammation and infection, battle everyday environmental stress and enable great sleep and circulation is going to increase your ability to deal with psychological and emotional anxiety.

    Here's what to do.

    • Eat moderately. Eat what you like, but also consider that you need a balance of healthy fats (avocado, salmon, walnuts, seeds, sardines), protein (lean meat, tofu, soy, fish) and carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables, wholegrain oats, breads, brown rice, gummy bears).
    • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. This not only allows you to break down your food more thoroughly so that it can pass through the digestive system easily, but it also tells your brain that you are satisfying your appetite and gives you time to enjoy your food.
    • Wait half an hour to an hour prior and before eating to gulp water, tea or coffee. It interferes with digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals from your food.
    • Take a probiotic capsule daily. I prefer Naturopathica GastroHealth.
    Yoga for Digestion
    Yoga Twist for Digestion
    Your yoga move for great digestion is any twisting move. This stimulates the gut, massaging the internal organs, and relieves some of the tension in your lower and mid-back, allowing you to breathe easier. Remember to extend up through the spine and don't slump while you twist!

    Beautiful Skin needs cleansing, moisture, and most of all, exercise. This increases and improves circulation so that blood flows to the skin, renewing it with fresh blood flow, nutrients and increasing cell turnover so that dull skin can shed and refreshed, new skin cells can flourish.

    • Use a sunscreen. If you exercise outdoors, a hat and sunscreen are non-negotiable if you want beautiful skin. It will also protect you from the majority of skin cancers. 
    • Cleanse with gentle, targeted products. There are so many cruelty free, natural and gentle products on the market. I love Sanctum Organics - you'll find the details in the previous blog post!
    • Avoid touching your face too much. Your fingers will distribute oil and dirt so if you can avoid resting your chin in your palms, do.
    Yoga move for great skin
    Downward Dog for Great Skin
    Your yoga move for fabulous skin AND battling anxiety is downward dog. Strongly pushing your heels down, your palms and the pads of your fingers gives you a powerful foundation. Allowing the blood flow to circulate to your head increases your energy and stamina. Remember to keep your abs braced, your shoulders broad and drawn back to your hips and away from your earlobes. 
    Breathe deeply through your nose right down your spinal column.
    Exhale slowly.
    Hold as long as you can then gently bend your knees, pull your bum back to your heels and stretch forward along the ground.

    Friday, 10 April 2015

    Organic Skin, Body, Haircare from Byron Bay Australia

    If I could afford to, I could easily find myself living by the beach, in the holistic health heartland of Australia, Byron Bay. It's telling that anything written about Byron Bay commonly uses the terms "healing" or "art" in the first sentence! Or, since we've just hit April, "music" because Byron Bay is home to Bluesfest. A blues and roots juggernaut that has featured the masterful Ben Harper many, many years in a row.He's back for 2015 with the Innocent Criminals. Check out the lineup and more at the Bluesfest site.

    However, I don't live in a shack off the beach, meditating, doing yoga and getting Balinese massages...unfortunately. In the spirit of Byron Bay though, I am embracing a Byron-based spa and wellbeing range that is

    • organic, 
    • vegan, 
    • no nasties, 
    • no animal testing and 
    • absolutely divine to look at, use and gift. 

    Sanctum started up in 1992 with the aim of producing skin, hair and bodycare products that really work, without the use of commonly used, easy-to-manufacture chemicals. Instead, Sanctum is based on plant extracts, essential oils and vitamins with natural and active chemistry proven to get results.
    Sanctum is Certified Organic, which means their products contain over 70% Certified Organic ingredients and many of them are 95% Certified Organic through Organic Food Chain Australia and USDA certification.
    You can find them via local stockists or order online (free delivery for orders over $50).
    I'm loving the Gentle Face Exfoliant, Energising Eye Gel (sooo fab, need a lifetime supply!) and Hy C Intensive Repair Cream. In the Australian sun, vitamin C and antioxidants are a must.

    Denise Payne: Fearlessness And Mercy

    In the 1970s, as a teenager, Denise Payne was introduced to Kundalini Yoga by her teacher Sat Jiwan Singh. It became more than “a life...