Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fifth Element Yoga Wear - From Melbourne With Love

My new obsession! Melbourne made, designed for yoga by a yoga lover. Fifth Element is the design brand of the gorgeous Alissa, who has taken the time to answer my questions about her yoga wear and her yoga practice. Get into these leggings - they are amazing. My personal faves? The purple Lalitha full leggings!

Alissa from Fifth Element
Why did you name your brand Fifth Element?

The idea for the name is based around the theory of five elements. It is said that we are an embodiment of 4 major elements of nature - fire, water, air and earth. And we are striving to balance these elements when practicing asanas. The fifth element is known to be space. Which I understand as being everything that we get in contact with physically and/or intangibly. 
Fifth Element is a collection of items that aims to fill space of a yogi with colour, comfort and harmony! Each item is designed individually and hand-crafted in Melbourne with love and care, and charged with positive energy. 

What is your favourite yoga style and how long have you been practicing yoga?

I've been practicing yoga for the last 10 years and started with Ashtanga which taught me a great deal on discipline and helped me to build basis for further exploration. I still do Vinyasa Flows when I feel that I need to build up strength. But I much prefer yoga classes that are not routine-based, but more of a free flow sequences with focus on various types of poses each class. I'm trying different styles of yoga and enjoy learning new things. I mostly practice Hatha & Iyengar on day-to-day basis. But also amongst my favourites are - Anusara, Arial Yoga (yoga in suspended hammocks), Acro Yoga. I'm hoping to soon try the new Ballet Sculpt classes I've heard so much about!!! Excited!

What makes a pattern or colour a definite must for your collection?

I've always been fond of colours, textures and patterns. I collect and draw patterns all the time! For this range of Fifth Element leggings I focused on patterns that are complex and encourage observation, and yet flattering to body curves. I've tried to make this collection versatile with some patterns that are more graphic, some more folk, some more delicate, some on classic black background or tonal, some bright and patchy. In other words - there is a legging for any yogi! I've also got a lot of help on choosing patterns and feedback on testing the prototypes from my yogi friends. So it is true to say that Fifth Element leggings is designed, tried and tested by real yogis :)

How often do you add or vary your range?

I've only had one range so far, as Fifth Element is literally only 2-month old. I'm going to add new things/garments as I get inspiration. I don't want to tie myself with strict deadlines and range plans, as Fifth Element endeavours to bring joy and positive energy and thus designing has to be approached with creativity and passion.
At the moment I'm prototyping simple crop tops/bras and tanks to complement leggings and complete outfits. I'm also planning to work on trans-seasonal cover-ups and autumn/winter type of yoga pants. 
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Where do you do yoga in Melbourne?

Oh heaps and heaps of great studios Melbourne has to offer! Some of them are - The Yoga Social, Breathe, Bridge Yoga, Yoga Corner, Union Yoga, The Yoga Lab, Body Flow Yoga, Vibes Yoga in Fitzroy - these are just a few of my favourites to mention!

Favourite post-yoga caf├ęs or juice bars?

This is a hard question...Frankly, I tend to forget names of the places. The only one that comes to mind is a small Cafe Bambino in Docklands. This is not what you'd call healthy yoga food...but it is run by passionate Italian guy and offers the freshest and tastiest food I've even tried! Not to mention plenty of Italian speech on the background to make you feel like you are magically transferred to sunny coasts of Italy! 

Where is Fifth Element available?

Fifth Element leggings are sold at The Yoga Social studio on King street. And the full range (which also include canvas totes and meditation pillows) can be viewed and purchased from www.fifth-element.com.au 

Bear in mind that we can also create custom-made leggings to suit your body perfectly - special size, body length, curve, crotch-rise, or any other speciality - enquire via Facebook or alissa@fifth-element.com.au 

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