Wednesday, 8 April 2015

French Chic - Red Nails

I have been told I look French and Italian in the past and I love it. It gives me a warm, Gallic glow. In honour of my first trip to Paris and Barcelona in a month, I am studying up on how to be at my most Euro-chic. Out with the neon nails, in with the classic red. Tick!
I have the topknot hair mastered. Tick!
I am the master of gracefully gliding rather than stomping so that adds major bonus points. I intend on picking up more tips and tricks over the coming weeks. I'll be doing a movie marathon of Deneuve, Anouk Aimee, Marion Cotillard and Audrey Tatou. I'll also be reading (or looking at) Paris Vogue. It's research.
Featured: Orly Ruby & Orly Red Flare; OPI Bastille My Heart

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