Thursday, 23 April 2015

Swan Lake - Classic. Russian. In Melbourne.

The Japanese do sushi. The Americans do peanut butter and jelly.

The Russians do ballet. This is how it is.

As a lover of Swan Lake since I was old enough to pull on a tutu, I am hugely excited about going to see the St Petersburg Ballet presenting the traditional and classic Swan Lake. I'm taking my darling friend Alex who hasn't seen this performed live, so we'll both be breathless!
The video below is the incredible Irina Kolesnikova and Dmitry Akulinin from St Petersburg Ballet in Swan Lake.

It has had fantastic reviews all over Europe and will be performed in Melbourne in the new space, Plenary, at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in mid June from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd. Various times including afternoons and evenings.

Tickets through Ticketek online or 136 100.

Follow St Petersburg Ballet on Facebook for updates, photos and video.

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