Wednesday, 15 April 2015

nu'trir natural skincare

nu'trir (v:/to feed/to nourish)

If you judge a book by it's cover, which I quite often do, then you will look at the nu'trir range that has JUST hit the shelves and go, YES. Slather me up in THAT!
Which is just what I did.
Find it on Instagram and tag #nourishedbynature
Dark burgundy boxing and clean, fresh typography and labelling.
It makes sense really, because the range itself is all about:

    nutrir face masque
  • natural ingredients
  • no nasties, no parabens, no sulphates, no silicons, no petrochemicals
  • no artificial fragrances or colours
  • ingredients that are proven to work
  • simply nourishing the skin and body
My favourite picks are the 
  1. detoxifying enzymatic radiance masque that uses cranberry, manuka honey and papaya to dissolve the dull, dead skin and allow new cells to flourish while you guzzle your green juice.
  2. collagen boosting peptide serum that harnesses grapeseed, olive and rosemary oils to stimulate new cell production and leave you radiant and fresh
  3. nourishing cleansing oil with rosehip oil, sacha inchi oil and camu camu. This is fabulous if you find your skin gets red and tight after cleansing. It's super gentle AND really does remove the nasty dust and dirt from urban living.
Available at Chemist WarehouseMy ChemistPriceline and other leading pharmacies.

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