Friday, 25 January 2013

Gym Bag Additions AND Isometric Goodness

Summer in Melbourne is turning out to be vicious on hair and skin so I've invested in jojoba products to be gentler on the skin. The bonus is, I can use them on my naturally curly hair to nourish and tame it!
Jojoba and Lady Jayne products

I've also discovered Lady Jayne bun-shaper! Not a fitness tool, sadly, but you wrap your hair around it, secure and BAM, ballerina bun that stays in place before, during and well after your workout.
Pictured, products from Lady Jayne and The Jojoba Company. (Supporting Australian products, especially on Australia Day weekend!)

Isometric Workout
If your workout is feeling stale and you need some inspiration, here are the Most Clicked On Workouts of 2012 from Women's Health magazine - download, watch, print...then DO it! My favourite? The Isometric Workouts - who knew standing still could be so effective?

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