Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kula Yoga - Meet Kacey Bennett

Kacey Bennett
Last week I had the pleasure of doing a Flow class at Kula Yoga in Hawthorn East. The delightful founder and instructor, Kacey Bennett lead us through vinyasa flow and the time just seemed to fly by.
The studio is gorgeous - an oasis of peace and calm.
Though busy with running a 30-day Yoga challenge AND opening a new CrossFit gym down the road, Kacey managed to answer some of my questions. I recommend you try Flow, Hot Yoga or Light as you prefer and enjoy the light-filled, professional studios.

What was your vision for Kula Yoga before you opened?
We wanted to create a beautiful sanctuary. A holistic studio that welcomed everyone wanting to explore yoga, health and wellbeing. To offer various class types – Hot, Flow & Light - led by inspiring teachers. And, to be the largest studio in the area and the one to offer specialised FIR heating panels for healthy heat.
How has that idea grown and changed since?
Our studio is almost 5 months old and it has been incredible to watch it build. We have the most amazing group of students coming through our doors. We are thrilled to see our vision coming to life and excited to continue to grow.
Can you describe what classes are on offer and who they best suit?
We offer 3 different class types and all run for 60 minutes. ‘Hot’ is a slow flowing vinyasa style practice that is fantastic for detoxification. ‘Flow’ is a revitalising, dynamic power flow class. And ‘Light’ is a relaxed, gentle class focusing on deep stretches. Our classes are open to all abilities. We offer modifications for beginners and variations to those with a regular practice. 

You are also opening a crossfit centre - how do crossfit and yoga complement each other, if at all?
Yes, we are opening CrossFit Hawthorn East on Saturday February 16. CrossFitters, and athletes in general, have discovered the benefits of incorporating yoga into their training for added mobility, stability, strength, focus and flexibility. Although they appear different on the surface, there are parallels between the two disciplines – the connection with the breath to find your rhythm, the power of the body and mind to get through the physical challenge, and the feeling of freedom and invigoration at the end of a session.
What can participants look forward to in the way of events/timetable additions or offers in February?
At the start of February we increased our number of classes up to 22 per week. Every Friday we offer a ‘Fun Friday Flow’ which we rotate between the teachers and allow them to focus on the theme of their choice. We are also holding Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga workshop on February 14 for those wanting a unique way to celebrate.
Find more information on the Kula Yoga website or Facebook page!

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