Monday, 16 March 2015


I'm a magazine junkie - fashion, design, fitness, lifestyle, music and art. You name it, I've probably read it and bookmarked half of it for later referral! So you think I'd be pretty good at flipping past the ads...but I couldn't ignore Kemp Muhl for Maybelline. She's a fashion and beauty inspiration for me - as a rock star/model/actress/beauty adventurist unafraid to wear the strangest colour combinations. Not averse to a feather headpiece and the odd fedora either. A woman who loves her wild makeup and headwear is my kind of icon! So, when I saw her rocking pink lips like nobody's business, I had to have what she's having. The Maybelline Color Drama lip crayons are total Pinkspiration. It's a bit like going back to kinder and having a treasure trove of crayolas and total freedom - I am loving all the crayon-style makeup at the moment. Because, really, the face and body are a canvas and makeup is a brilliant way to express your love of colour, contouring and mood.

If pink isn't your thing - yet - there's nudes, reds and corals to suit your fancy. I am getting my kicks with the velvet matte finish Love My Pink and Berry Much.
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