Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sea Sirens & Sustainable Sportswear - Eco Conscious Yoga Babes Listen Up


Teeki clothing is entirely the product of fabric spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic water bottles. It is then cut, printed and hand sewn using environmentally friendly practices. Did you know it takes over 400 years for a plastic water bottle fo fully break down? So rather than clog up the sea, strangling marine life and ruining our seas and forests, let's invest in brands that are making a difference.
Teeki Love The Adventure Yogapants
Funnily, I actually loved Teeki designs well before I knew about their eco-conscious credentials. They do mythic, magical, tribal prints that take spirit animals, planets and nature then spin them into figure-flattering, fit gear.
Their Buffalo Princess print is a case in point: we are majestic, we roam the earth wearing this crown of light. we illuminate the path of love.
As you all know if you know me, I do still have a very gothic sensibility about clothing and makeup. So the deer medicine print is a bit of an obsession now.
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Sea Siren Cosmetics

This Made in Australia nail and skincare range is vegan, cruelty free and 5 free (no nasties). It also has a bit of a pirate theme, which I'm totally on board with (boom, boom!)
Sea Siren Cosmetics Swarovski Nail Set

I am digging their marine-inspired collections as well as their covetable Swarovski Manicure Sets. In fact, as I keep reminding you, I will need travel-friendly grooming gear for my EUROPE TRIP (ahem!) so the Travel Set in purple is straight in my sack. You can indulge in full size or get a collection of minis if, like me, you want to change colours on the regular. My favourites are Great Barrier Reef, Buccaneer and the sparkly seductive Seaduce!
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