Thursday, 22 November 2012

Party Perfect!

Here they come - the Christmas parties. You'll have tray after tray of fried this and sugared that passed right under your  nose.

If you are hosting a party yourself, consider offering mostly light, easy-serve options. It doesn't mean no taste and no fun! There are ways to make your favourite traditional party foods healthier - make your own dips for a start.

Kids will eat healthy food if it looks fun and colourful and not "HEALTHY". Mini carrot juices in little clear cups? Cute!

Here are some ideas - and if you don't want to take too much time, why not stock up on vegies and set up a "make-your-own" salad area with chopped vegies, meats and various dressings?
Top to bottom: garlic-chicken spring rolls; big-mixed-salad with beetroot and spinach; vegie sticks for snack-and-dip; turkey, ham and cherry tomato kebabs; fruit salad
garlic chicken spring rolls

mixed salad

vegie sticks
turkey ham kebabs

fruit salad

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