Saturday, 7 April 2012

Australia: a Fat Tax? Forum of interest

Tax on junk food?
Denmark introduced a "fat tax" - basically, increasing the cost of trans-fats laden processed food or "junk". I prefer to think that rather than punish people for poor choices, probably made out of ignorance, we should reward choices that benefit individual health AND public coffers in the long term! How?
* Less diabetes and related problems = less demand on public/private hospitals for one

body + soul
Check out the forum on body + soul for some great discussion around the topic

Reward healthy food options
I think Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden program is an ideal way to introduce the idea of wholefoods and the fact that food has a beginning, middle and end. As with most successful changes, it takes time and education. I look forward to seeing whether the ANPHA, (Australian National Preventive Health Agency) established in January 2011, can effectively institute some changes that count for all Australians (hopefully something a bit more meaningful than the "swap it don't stop it" campaign...really).

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