Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Breathe at Lunchtime

Breathe Yoga
Good morning fellow yogis (and fellow FUTURE-yogis!). I am off to Breathe in Lt Collins Street at lunchtime with a lovely colleague from work to Vinyasa Flow. I have SO missed a regular yoga practice and vinyasa is my best friend, so I'm really looking forward to it. I think my poor, overtightened hip flexors are keen to stretch out too. Bring on that upward dog!
If you're not vinyasa-ing this lunchtime, at least get up out of your seat and take a brisk walk (NOT to KFC) or check out what classes are on at local gyms. If not for your physical wellbeing, it will make you feel super self-righteous to arrive back in the office with a post-exercise glow!

UPDATE! Ambika's lunchtime vinyasa yoga class is FABULOUS! It passes in no time - I could go another hour and still feel invigorated. I leave feeling lighter, longer and more at peace with the world (even in Collins Street at lunch hour!)

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