Saturday, 1 September 2012

Stability for a Sprightly Spring

Too many S words? Sorry! Oops. Did it again. Anyway, here is a fit ball workout from Women's Health Magazine online. A brilliant source of workouts that are searchable and printable. Please, set up near a mirror if you don't have a friend who can check out your form during these exercises. If your belly is sagging, you are going to STRAIN your spine. Now that is two S words together that you never want to combine.
* These exercises CAN be done with a foam roller or medicine ball. Talk to a trainer!
  1. Draw your belly muscles inwards and upwards towards your navel - think abs of steel
  2. Hold
  3. Breathe in through the nose
  4. As you exhale with control through the lips, draw your belly in a little tighter
  5. Only hold as long as your technique is spot-on. Don't pretend.

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