Monday, 17 September 2012

Curls curls curls!

Katy Perry rockin curls
Madamoiselle has a new toy...and it is super fun, so I suggest you either get one or allow me to share it with you. It's a hair curling wand - and it's magic (wand, magic...god, sorry). Plug it in, turn it on, and you're good to go. My weapon of choice is the Hair 2 Day X3 - it looks so chic. Too bad it's a little big to be carrying around as a fashion accessory. Ah well. I went to Sam Overton from TIGI for the expert tips on creating and keeping curls. I've been using it to make beachy waves - I'm all ready for sunny weather, whether Melbourne brings it or not!
Hair2Day X3
Sam also tells me the X3 is made with a tourmaline barrel that excretes natural oils while you're using it so even if you murder your hair, like I do, it doesn't do any damage. 

  • Pick up random sized sections of dry hair and wrap around the barrel, hold between 10 - 20 seconds to ensure even heat penetration then release
  • Continue around the head, twisting the sections in different directions and making some curls bigger than others for a less "forced" look
  • Lightly spray hair with a medium-strength hold spray
  • Once hair has cooled down, flip head and shake to loosen up curls
  • Make sure you turn off the curling wand and allow to cool before you store it away
Beachy waves
Just want to add the Hair 2 Day tools are Australian - extra brownie points for supporting local business :)

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