Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sportswear Shop : Sibling Outing!

I'm a solo shopper at heart - I like being able to ponder and change my mind for the best part of a day without the guilt of someone having a nervous breakdown waiting for me. But then I have my good moments where I'm decisive and I weigh up the opportunity costs, pros and cons in microseconds and BAM, I'm done.

So I took my super-stylish brother on my Nike store outing yesterday - stuck between two shades of pink, my brother looked them over and said, "dark" and the deal was sealed. No buyers regret! Brother got some kickass Nike Max - we even set up a fashion shot with his snazzy Honda Civic as a backdrop. Nike is at Rebel or online at

Still on the Nike bandwagon, if you're looking for a free app to provide workout inspiration, try the Nike Training Club with downloadable workouts and short video tutorials.

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