Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Nutcracker Sweet

How sweetly timed, indeed! Were the Sugar Plum Fairies behind this?

Every year for as long as I recall, our family Christmas tradition was to watch Disney’s The Nutcracker along with The Small One. It was exciting and adorable every year – elves running mad trying to manufacture toys in the magic workshop while little pyjama’ed people sleep with one eye on the chimney. Ah, bliss.

So I discovered today that Clinique have released their latest collection of pastel, classic pinks named The Nutcracker Suite.

My mother is a Clinique fan of many years. She won’t use any other lipstick nor pledge her allegiance to any other scent. Therefore, I too have become enamoured of Happy (in every incarnation) and Aromatics. While mum is more a fan of “classic”, I’m more a fan of “pretty” so the Snowflakes and Sugar Plums offering is going to suit us both!

I have “The Nutcracker Act II” palette (favouring purple shades) and it is sugarsweet pastel purples and lavender) and all sleek modern mirrored packaging. A delight that any woman with a passion for pinks and purples would melt over. Do it!

If your Christmas budget is a little less generous but you love pastels, you love quality makeup and skincare and you want a trusted brand, I cannot recommend Innoxa highly enough. Love their matte lipstick in the Barbie-approved Pink Carnation and whether you buy these for someone else or, more wisely, yourself, I am in a daily ritual of using the Hydrating Creme Cleanser and Super Daily Moisture Protection SPF 15. The Super Sensitive range, you ask. Yes, I break out easily and I've found that SPF products are usually the culprit. This is a spot-free zone.

Oh fine. FINE! Yes, I’ll admit I’m using the Anti Ageing Facial Serum too. Never too early to start!

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