Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Coming up...

Eyelash extensions: this is exaggerated!
I'm going to tell you about my new lash'ediction (that's lashes + addiction - boom!). I'm going to tell you all about X10Me for Melbourners.

I'm going dancing at The Space - nothing crazy now...this hip isn't putting up with anything high-impact I assure you. She is a grumpy little joint.

Top knot - too easy
Will be doing an article on gym hair - what works, looks that inspire and trust me, nothing that takes longer than it does to lace up both your sneakers. I mean there's sweat involved, geez!

A little quirky but sneakers involved
Also, workout ideas to change up your routine. Dani - watch out babe. I've got ideas and I will be using you as a guinea pig. See you on the gym floor soon ;)

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