Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lesson in patience and faith

Update: Everything is good. I just discovered Yeasayer's "Damaged Goods". The world just made friends with me again. ;)

So, I don't usually affront you with my personal issues (apart from the whole hip thing!) but I wanted to share something with you because I know most of you and I know you're all wise and thoughtful (well, that's been MY experience) so I want you to help me out.
Less intense: I'll try

 I know I need to dial down the intensity that I approach EVERYTHING with! Except Pump - sorry peeps.

I think it's just this fascination and curiosity for everything and everyone that makes me want more and more and yet...
I think some patience and true faith that I don't need to force everything to happen at once is going to make the world of difference to me.
Faith - the real thing
So I'm going to try to not just talk faith in the world being good to me, but trust that it will be and B, I hope that even if you never speak to me again and my intensity has exhausted you, that you know I am grateful because I needed to be taught to slow down.

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