Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spots and lines you are OUT!

Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask
This hot weather has turned my apartment into a sauna! I've also been naughty and not been cleansing straight after a workout - I was trying to pretend that post-workout sheen looked healthy rather than lazy. The price of that is my normally clear skin has cursed me with spots around the nose and chin. So, on the recommended advice of a skin doctor, I'm bringing out the big guns! If guns were loaded with coffee, green tea, acai berry and pomegranate, that is. Are you tempted, like me, to want to eat the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask? Don't. Slather it on, let it peel off the nasties, wash and radiate.
NO pesticides. NO parabens. NO perfumes and NO dyes! NO animal derivatives or testing on animals. Australian made.

Very happy to note that there's change from $50 too! 
Read more: Aspect Skincare 
Available at Salon Duval, Northcote but find your closest clinic here

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