Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mylo-Dee Bespoke Activewear

Two fabulous birthday presents this week! Thankyou to my fabulous personal training client and superstar, Miss V, for the nail art book. I see trouble.
Big big thankyou to Mylo-dee Activewear for the delivery of my bespoke designs! Am thrilled. It was like playing a fashion design computer game, choosing the cut and colour of my tops. Both Miss V and I sat down over coffee and concurred that:
  • I rock at choosing colours
  • The fabric is amazing (French jersey, no less)
  • The designs are so flattering to the body
  • The packaging is very luxe
  • In-built shorts for the skirts are genius
Singlet design mylo-dee
All reasons to gift yourself or someone else. Trends come and go. Sportswear lasts forever! 
Skirt design mylo-dee

Skirt design mylo-dee

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