Friday, 9 March 2012

Barre Sculpt starts at Kew YMCA

Pilates rollover
Barre Sculpt starts at Kew YMCA when the new timetable commences March 19. I know 4.45pm isn't easy for a lot of you, but it would make my day to see you come and try the class! All going to plan, I will be starting Barre Core with the lovely Emma Seibold at Barre Body in the city at the end of March. I look forward to telling you more about that closer to the time. As always, any questions or comments about the class or other classes I teach are more than welcome.

Barre Sculpt
·         To strengthen deep stabiliser muscles that hold the spine and ribs in their ideal alignment
·         Improve posture through correcting muscular imbalances and focusing on lengthening through the spine

Engaging core muscles in the abdominals, hips, back and glutes to strengthen and shape these muscles
·         Increased flexibility and balance

·         Combining isolation exercises into the stabilising muscles through the core and limbs that are often overlooked in weight and aerobics disciplines
·         Focusing on a combination of isometric exercises and stretching to elongate and shape muscles (hence, the dancer’s physique)
·         Combining the core focus of pilates, the grace of yoga and the traditions of classical dance training to sculpt and define lean muscle
·         A structured 60 minute class that allows modifications for all levels of fitness
·         An excellent addition to aerobic (cardio) training
·         Proven to lengthen, tone and shape the “trouble spots”: thighs, hips, stomach!

Thursdays in the Creche
4.40pm with Cat

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