Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Teaching AND working in media!

Office Yoga
It's been my goal and my ideal to try to combine my passion for health and fitness with my pure love of writing, design and PR/media. Progress! I have secured a contract to promote a health campaign via social media, which I can't say too much about just yet, but I'm thrilled. It has meant a lot to me that the people I know and love have been so encouraging and supportive. I will keep updating this blog and hopefully this will inspire you to know that you if you keep chasing opportunities and believing that what you want is possible, it happens.

Foldover Yoga Shorts
I have prepared by going to Topshop online for the work basics and possibly some crazy tights - hey, just because I'll be in an office does NOT mean my desire for neon sportswear has faded! In fact, just because the Mastercard was taunting me, I went and hit up Hollister too. Yup, if squeezing into tiny yoga shorts is not enough to inspire me to hit the gym post-work, surely nothing is...
Sorry mum - these will be worn OUTSIDE the house :D

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