Sunday, 21 July 2013

Product Review: Fudge Hair Colour (Paintbox)

Fudge Paintbox
Of all the trends to really stand out, the rainbow hair thing is so appealing. Life is too short not to embrace colour. Fudge Paintbox was a staple of my teenage years, but thankfully the formula has been modified and the colour not only lasts longer, but fades out evenly and can be coloured over instantly.
The other beauty of Paintbox is that the deeper colours can be combined with a lightening factor to result in pastel shades, like Kelly Osbourne's lavender mop or Audrey Kitching's candyfloss pink mane!
I used Blueberry Hill, which gave my hair a gorgeous burgundy sheen. Because my hair is already so dark, it was never going to turn blue, but the effect under lights was gorgeous. There's several uses from the one tube and I highly recommend combining two or more flattering shades in super-thin strips to get a multi-tonal effect (ie. purple/blue pink/purple).
Available from Priceline

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