Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Spring Fresh! Why Don’t You...

·       Embrace a light, floral scent like Marc Jacobs Honey (E) – smells like fresh mandarin and honeysuckle just bursting with freshness! I also love Dot (F)

·       Wear lavender jelly sandals (A)– be a pastel princess and paint your nails lilac to match with white polka dots (Rimmel Brit Manicure in Porcelain) or even blossom design

·       Ditch the foundation for a skin-nourishing BB cream (Rimmel and Clarins do excellent versions – perfect coverage, breathable and long-lasting!)

·       Embrace a sun-free tan

·       Deck the home and office in fresh flowers (jasmine is delicious)

·       Do a wardrobe cull and find space for new spring-ready gear in shades of green (D) , pink, duck-egg blue (C) and white

·       Embrace light, moisturising lips colours like Clarins Rouge Eclat in Petal Pink and Rimmel Nude Blush

·       Be inspired by the colours of spring and dab a sage green shadow on your eyelids (B)


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