Monday, 9 September 2013

YOGASMOGA: Made by yoga lovers FOR yoga lovers

As a daily gym goer - instructing, training and working out - I see a LOT of sportswear. Unless someone has recently returned with all their overseas purchases, it's rare to see anything other than the usual Nike, adidas, lululemon and Lorna Jane. Yawn.

I don't tend to be a big spender on sportswear so when I do treat myself, I
make sure the fabric is long-lasting, washable, steadfast under the pressure of constant stretch and strain, and the colour isn't going to fade after a few weeks. I also want a flattering cut, plus subtle reference to the brandname rather than feeling like a walking billboard.

My YOGASMOGA pink cropped leggings are a tick on all counts. They also
have a pocket insert on the front that perfectly fits a locker key and gym-card. Though I haven't done anything very sweaty (like spin!), the fabric is sweat-wicking and durable. I know that I could run a marathon, do Bikram and cycle home and my YOGASMOGA pants would still look brand-new. The rest of me? That's something else!

well+good NYC describes YOGASMOGA as "a hot new yoga fashion brand with Indian roots and modern flair". For the eco-conscious, know that YOGASMOGA created its own high-performance fabric and color-safe dyes that are eco-friendly (AND they don't fade). Only available online - if you're going to spend on sportswear, choose eco-responsible, super-flattering yogawear designed BY yogis FOR yogis. Namaste!
You can follow YOGASMOGA on Facebook and shop online here.

Teacher-tested and 100% certified.

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