Sunday, 27 October 2013

Save your Skin AND your Dollars!

Two beautiful women recently admitted they use expensive skincare and asked me what I use because those premium brands are
a) difficult to find
b) super expensive

Here's the truth. I use affordable, easily available, everyday brands that I know are:

  • gentle on the skin
  • non-comedogenic (no blackheads and breakouts)
  • come in squeeze tubes rather than tubs (less chance of contamination)
  • smell good
  • genuinely going to improve my skin appearance and feel
I recommend weaning yourself off the luxe stuff and saving the extra dollars for massages, holidays and sportswear! 
Here's what I use and recommend:

Neutrogena Mulberry Foam Cleanser
Neutrogena naturals range
Smells divine, cleanses thoroughly and the moisturisers are light and easily absorbed. Plus the packaging is gorgeous. It matters!

BB Creams - Garnier, Sanctuary Spa and Rimmel
Perfect coverage, just like a foundation, but NO blackheads and pimples because the formula actively fights blemishes and uneven skin tone. Plus there's SPF 15+ - essential!

Essie Illamasqua & philosophy

The little extras! You all know I'm Illamasqua obsessed. The colours and the intensity are unbeatable - I challenge you to try it and not go back. Loving Essie nailpolish because there are an insane range of colours and it's so affordable! And why Philosophy? Shower/Shampoo in the one big bottle and there are scents including Coconut Frosting, Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Buns, Chocolate will want to stay in the shower forever!

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