Monday, 20 October 2014

Bad Hair Day Begone

As I think I've probably admitted before, because it is so frustrating, I have naturally curly, frizzy hair that laughs in the face of glossy ponytails.

It does quiver with fear and accede defeat to straightening irons, Kerastase and certain Aveda products, so I have learnt how to live amicably with it.

When it comes to working out though - or even just washing my face without forming ringlets and frizz, it requires no-tear, kind-to-hair headband and ties. That means:

  • no metal bits
  • no rubber grips
  • no combs to grip and hold
  • no glitter/stars/stick-on thingos
Thank god for new scunci everyday & active range - I couldn't decide between different colour options so I did what all wise women do - I didn't choose.

Plus, you know who wears a headband? Kate Moss. Go on, get one. Or three. Scunci website or get to Priceline, Target or Big W.

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