Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mika Yoga Wear

My obsession for amazing activewear means you don't need to do any explorations of your own. I'm going to make it really easy for you. I wear it to death, I kick and squat and stretch, roll and climb and press in it and if it still looks good even after all that battering, it's a keeper.

Let's face it. If you wear the same old leggings to the gym that you wear to bed or vacuuming all morning on Sunday, how motivated do you feel?
I need a flattering cut of legging and some concealer before I'm ready to take on the cardio machines post-coffee in the morning. I especially like wearing something I know I won't see 10 other people wearing in class. So don't tell anyone else, but Mika Yoga Wear is the bomb.

My favourite is the Linda top (US$45) - it has a ribbon tie-back that looks ballet-inspired. Nothing like a super feminine top when you're deadlifting like a beast! I love it in black, but it also comes in a beautiful dark purple, 'Blackberry' or 'Mustard'.
I also have the Kaya Legging  (US$56) in Lorelei print. Great for pilates, yoga and Ballet Sculpt. The waist sits just below my navel, which is really flattering. Bending over in low-waisted leggings? Not so practical. The print is gorgeous too!

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