Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Rockin' Arms - in 10 minutes

If you've done my classes or trained with me, you know I have a 'thing' about working the triceps. It's fun, there's so many ways to target them, and when you can brave Melbourne weather and wear arm-revealing tops, a bit of arm muscle looks hot.
Not to mention that strong arms and shoulders give you

  • better posture, 
  • upper-body strength in proportion to your lower body, and 
  • assist in all sorts of functional things like carrying, gripping, reaching, pulling and pushing.
This is a 10 minute arm blitz that I've done and totally recommend. The instructor has overdosed on the bath salts and comes across as EXTREMELY BUBBLY, but grit your teeth and hang on, it's only 10 minutes. What doesn't kill you gives you awesome triceps!

You need two dumbbells or plates - between 3 - 6kg depending on your strength and endurance. How often can you do this workout? Every 3rd day.

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