Saturday, 30 November 2013

One Stretch To Do Today!

If you do no other stretch today, at least get in a forward fold. This will alleviate tightness and tension in your hamstrings, back, gluteal muscles and neck.

  1. Start with your heels hip-distance apart
  2. Stretch your hands overhead to the ceiling and look up
  3. Take a big breath in through the nose
  4. Purse your lips, exhale through the mouth and reach out of the hips to fold forward
  5. Imagine your whole spine extending and surrender the tension in your neck and jaw
  6. Hold for 15 - 30 seconds 
  7. Breathe in through the nose
  8. Purse your lips to exhale as you brace your abdominal muscles and roll up to standing
As with all things, the more practice you do, the easier this will become. If you can't touch your toes today, you might find that after a week of doing this daily, it happens!

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