Sunday, 5 February 2012

Summer Juice : carrot celery cucumber & ginger

celery carrot cucumber ginger juice
So now that the sun appears to be sticking around in Melbourne, I've dug out the juicer and I'm making lots of mess and noise. Started my morning with juice. Admittedly, followed up with a strong black plunger coffee (hey, girl needs her fuel! There's antioxidants, ok?)
I got a juicer for under $120 at Good Guys about 15 months back and it does the trick quickly without much setting up or dismantling. Wish there were more cafes doing "green" juice options out there - can't hurt to ask your local to consider adding it to the menu!


2 x carrots (peeled or unpeeled/beheaded!)
4 x celery sticks (leaves attached/unattached)
2 x green cucumbers (the big ones, NOT continental or lebanese)
chunk of ginger (amount up to you)

Throw it all in the juicer and adjust quantities to suit your taste. More ginger = better I say!

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