Thursday, 23 February 2012

Juice bar + yoga/pilates venue

 Ever since returning from Ubud in May, I've been missing the ability to read a menu with multiple pages full of raw veggie/fruit juices in almost every cafe you enter! I think Melbourne is crying out for a place with some hipster atmosphere and a million and one juices.

One of my favourite places was The Yoga Barn with a fantastic 7-day schedule of yoga, dance and pilates classes for all levels and styles. They had a brilliant outdoor cafe too, as well as an ayurveda clinic. (The menu (pdf) for you curious types!)

So, what I want to know is:
  • do you think this would work in Melbourne? 
  • Would you want to go here? 
  • What time would you want to go to classes?
  • Would you want to attend casually or sign up for a multiple pass visit?
  • Have you seen this work elsewhere? Details!
Really appreciate your feedback!

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